Oxford Symposium

The Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery is an annual, weekend-long conference on food, its culture and its history. The Symposium was originally founded and co-chaired by Alan Davidson, pre-eminent food historian and author of The Oxford Companion to Food and Dr Theodore Zeldin, the celebrated social historian of France. The oldest and most important gathering on this topic, it brings together up to 220 international scholars, journalists, chefs, scientists, sociologists, anthropologists—and even committed amateurs—among others, for a serious discussion about the theme at hand. First held at St Antony’s College Oxford in 1981, organised by Alan Davidson, Theodore Zeldin and Harlan Walker (who edited the proceedings for many years), the symposium is now housed at St Catherine’s College Oxford, and chaired by food writer and historian Bee Wilson and the president is Claudia Roden, whose books on the Middle East, Italy, and Jewish cooking are modern classics. See more at The Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery.

A series of audio interviews with leading figures of the culinary world is available in the Gastronomy Archive.